There are a bunch of new kids on the Mustela block.

And they’re just what you’ve been looking for

Cradle cap woes?

Still struggling to get rid of cradle cap? Not for very much longer. Mustela’s legendary Stelaker’s had an upgrade. Now called Cradle Cap Cream, it contains Mustela’s avocado Perseose patent to help improve the appearance of your baby’s scalp, as well as borage oil to moisturise and keep the scalp smooth and clean. This product has high skin and eye tolerance, is hypoallergenic and fragrance-, paraben-, phthalate- and phenoxyethanol-free. Leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning with Foam Shampoo for Newborns and voila!


Sensitive skin – surely all babies have sensitive skin?

Weeeell… yes, but no. All babies have an immature skin barrier at birth, but 1 in 3 babies are born with sensitive skin. This skin tends to over-react to stresses tolerated by other babies: temperature changes, wind, detergents, even rubbing of their clothing. It reddens easily, and babies may have feelings of tightness and tingling, which will probably make them cranky!

How you cleanse sensitive skin is important, as using harsh soaps and cleansers can cause more irritation. Your favourite Mustela No-Rinse Cleansing Water is now also available for Very Sensitive Skin: No-Rinse Soothing Cleansing Water contains patented avocado Perseose to protect the skin barrier, preserve the cellular richness of the skin and moisturise, as well as schizandra berry extract to soothe and improve the appearance and sensations of very sensitive skin. It cleans ultra-gently, soothes and strengthens face, body and nappy area – with no rinsing required.

Also for sensitive skin, Soothing Cleansing Gel has all the effective cleansing properties you’ve come to expect from Mustela, while soothing even the most fragile and immature skin. It contains 98% ingredients of natural origin, including avocado Perseose and Schizandra. Importantly, very mild surfactants of natural origin clean gently while respecting very sensitive skin.


Moms, we haven’t forgotten you!

The legendary Mustela Stretch Marks Prevention Cream now comes in a Fragrance-Free version, so women with even the most sensitive skin may use it. Formulated for expectant and new moms, this luxurious cream helps prevent stretch marks with its unique combination of active ingredients (most of natural origin).



Snotty nose getting you down?

All little ones get snotty noses every now and then, and that’s almost guaranteed to disrupt everyone’s sleep!

Mustela’s new Soothing Chest Rub, while not a medication, contains refreshing pine scents to help your baby relax and promote sleep. On top of that it contains shea butter and honey to soften and moisturise the skin, as well as Mustela’s patented avocado Perseose to help reinforce your baby’s skin barrier. This lovely rub is perfectly safe to use from day 1, and can be gently massaged onto baby’s chest twice a day before sleep. Its melting texture makes it ideal for massage, leaving no sticky residue. Nighty night!


All wipes are the same – or are they?

Mustela has taken its popular Dermo-Soothing Wipes and improved the formula. Now simply called Cleansing Wipes, these delicately scented and ultra-soft wipes are perfect for baby and child’s face, hands, nappy area and body from birth on.

These gorgeously fluffy, alcohol-free wipes contain 97% ingredients of natural origin, including: avocado Perseose to help reinforce your baby’s skin barrier; plant-based glycerine to moisturise the skin and protect it from water evaporation; Saponaria Leaf extract to cleanse and Allantoin to soften. Use them at every nappy  change or keep them with you for on-the-go clean ups.

And did you know you can also use them to remove your make-up, moms? Mustela Cleansing Wipes won the Allure Best of Beauty awards last year – voted for by moms in the know.


We’ve saved the best (cutest!) for last…

For a very Limited Time Only, 3 of Mustela’s favourite products are available in oh-so-fun packaging!

Say Hello to the adorable Abigail the Whale Gentle Shampoo, Phillipe the Sheep HydraBebe Body Lotion and Vincent the Elephant Gentle Cleansing Gel – three bath time friends who have a very important message – to remind your little ones (and you!) that it’s important to protect the natural habitat of their animal friends. Great for making every bath time an opportunity to learn and play. You absolutely do NOT want to miss out on this one…



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