Le Beauty Club is very proud to bring you a new brand… not just any brand, mind you. We’re delighted to introduce the renowned French aesthetic skin care brand, Institut Esthederm.

We deliver to your doorstep so you don’t have to travel the world to find the love your skin deserves.

What is Institut Esthederm?

Ecobiology is at the heart of NAOS and Institut Esthederm’s approach…
Rather than looking for external, temporary treatment solutions, they strive to better preserve the skin ecosystem and to strengthen its natural mechanisms.

Heritage of innovation

It is a NAOS brand, pioneered in 1978 by forward-thinking pharmacist-biologist, Jean-Noël Thorel. More than 36 years of research and over 80 proven patented formulas help to fulfil its promise of ‘ecobiology at the service of aesthetics’.

Heritage of care

Institut Esthederm aesthetic skin-care ranges are created to support skin throughout the cycles of life. They address skin ageing, external stressors and the impact of modern living in a very sunny country (you know, wrinkles, dehydration, dryness and pigmentation).

Harmonious skin care

The products are biologically active. They work in total harmony with your skin’s biology, with a lasting effect.

A winning formula

Every Institut Esthederm product (except oily formulas, such as Intensive Retinol Serum) has the award-winning Cellular Water Formula patent. This is as close as it gets to skin’s own physiological water content. It consists of ingredients that recreate an optimal environment. Blending perfectly with the skin, Cellular Water optimises skin cell metabolism, so they are hydrated, thrive and regain energy. In this way, youthfulness is preserved.

Now choose the perfect routine for your skin’s needs

Essential cleansing

Start your skin care the right way with the best Esthederm Osmoclean cleansing routine. Choose between Cleansing Milk (for drier skin types) and Pure Cleansing Foam (for normal to oily skin) to will cleanse your skin while respecting its delicate nature.

Then add the must-have dynamite combo:
1: Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser acts as a ‘vacuum’ to remove impurities.
2: Lightening Buffing Mask uses gentle chemical exfoliators (no scrub granules). It has a brightening effect and is safe to use under eyes – perfect for dark circles.
Both give your skin a professional double cleanse for a brighter, softer and super-smooth complexion.

Essential for everyone

Planning a healthier you? Skin health starts with hydration and energy. So make sure you keep it hydrated and energised with Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire rangewith Spray and moisturising Cream.

The new Eau Cellulaire Cellular Water Mist (100ml and 200ml) is your go-to product every day – no matter what your skin concern. The Cellular Water formula is almost identical to the water found in your skin, so skin just drinks it up. Now enriched with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, this water mist is as powerful as a serum. It’s a great radiance and moisture booster/make-up setting spray. Carry it with you to top up skin freshness all day.  Highly recommended by experts to boost hydration.

The entire Institut Esthederm range is suited to both men and women.

Institut Esthederm Cellular Water

Fight signs of ageing

Sagging features? Thanks, gravity! Institut Esthederm’s Lift & Repair range is ideal. It offers instant and long-term anti-ageing benefits. The firming and lifting effect give facial features more definition.
Pair Lift & Repair Absolute Smoothing Cream with Lift & Repair Eye Contour Smoothing Care Cream

Derm Repair Restructuring Serum is highly concentrated in regenerating active ingredients, stimulating the production of dermal fibres and helping to correct wrinkles before they appear.

Anti-ageing warriors

The Intensive Collection is your custom range to target specific skin concerns. It harnesses specific molecules well-proven in dermatology and aesthetic skin care for their intensive and proven efficacy. These are used in ideal amounts for maximum efficacy and results on skin imbalances and the effects of ageing:

Target severely dehydrated skin and plump up lines and wrinkles with the multiple award-winning Intensive Hyaluronic range. Institut Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Serum recently won the Best Moisturiser category in the prestigious Elle South Africa Beauty Awards 2018. Even if you suffer from oily skin, this serum helps balance out the skin’s natural oils.

• When you need extra help in the fight against deep wrinkles, uneven texture and photo ageing, try Intensive Retinol range. Both Intensive Retinol Serum  and Intensive Retinol Cream are designed to use as short, sharp intensive treatments twice a year, for a two month period.

Intensive AHA Peel range (with Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids as well as hydrating and exfoliating agents) refines the skin’s surface, combats dullness and reduces the appearance of pores, leaving skin looking like new. It comes in two different strengths, so your skin can build up tolerance.

• If you and your skin are tired after a long summer, treat yourself to an intensive revitalising, energising treatment with Intensive Spiruline Serum and Cream.

Fight environmental damage and soothe sensitivity, inflammation or reactivity with the soothing Intensive Vitamin E² Serum.

• Intensive Vitamin C Cream targets wrinkles, dark spots and radiance loss. It stimulates collagen production for skin firmness, and fights against the harmful effects of free radicals.


Esthederm Intensive range

A brightened future

Battling with excess pigmentation? Dark marks affect women of all ages and skin tones. Esthe-White brightening/anti-dark spots range helps fade existing marks and prevent hyperpigmentation damage caused by environmental stressors. It also prevents new dark marks forming. The comprehensive Esthe-White range covers all the bases, from Cleanser to Day and Night Cream, Serum and fabulous Eye Care that targets dark pigmentation on the eye area – brilliant!

Bonus: the range also helps fight signs of ageing, making the skin look firm and brighter, for a younger and more even complexion.


We are proud to be authorised Institut Esthederm suppliers.

Not sure which product would suit your needs? We’re on hand to recommend a skincare routine that works for you. Contact Us at info@lebeautyclub.co.za. We look forward to hearing from you.







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