We know you are a caring mother and want your baby to be happy and healthy, which is why you should know your baby’s skin type – to make sure you are buying the correct skincare products for your bundle of joy. You may be thinking to yourself, my baby has a skin type? The answer is yes! Your little one does, and it is important to get your baby the right products from the get-go. Mustela’s baby skincare range is the perfect place to start. Mustela has been an industry leader in baby skincare for over 70 years. So, let’s get into it and help you choose the right products for your baby’s ultimate comfort and for your ultimate peace of mind.

We are going to separate your baby’s skin type into four categories, namely:

1. Your baby’s skin is sometimes rough and flaky

This means your baby probably has dry skin. This can be made worse by environmental conditions. It is important to hydrate your baby’s skin as their skin barrier is still developing. Check out our Mustela Dry Skin range to protect your baby’s dry skin.

2. Your baby’s skin reacts to environmental factors such as heat or the cold

This means your baby’s skin goes red from time to time when exposed to the elements or hard water. Your baby probably has sensitive skin. It is important to find out what external factors affect your baby’s skin, so that these can be minimised. Check out our Mustela Sensitive Skin range to protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

3. Your baby’s skin is very dry and sometimes itchy

This means your baby probably has atopic-prone skin. Also known as eczema, this comes in the form of dry, sometimes red patches on your baby’s skin. This can cause discomfort, pain and itchiness. Eczema can come and go and is genetic. So, if your family has a history of such skin problems, there is a chance your baby will have these issues too. Check out our Mustela Atopic-prone Skin range to protect your baby’s atopic-prone skin.

4. Your baby’s skin is supple and soft

This means your baby probably has normal skin. As mentioned in the dry baby skin topic, your baby’s skin barrier is still developing which means they still cannot maintain a good level of hydration, which is essential to the proper functioning of your baby’s skin cells. To make sure your baby’s skin stays hydrated, check out our Mustela Normal Skin range to protect your baby’s normal skin.

Lastly, we recommend taking Mustela’s Discover the skin type of your baby online quiz to help you determine your baby’s skin type. This is a quick, four-step process to discovering what skin type your baby has and which skincare products are the best for your baby. We also recommend checking out the brilliant Baby2Body Blog, for all things mom and baby-related!

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