We are all required to wear masks when going out in public. I’m sure many of you have noticed an increase in breakouts since masks have been mandated – but this is not just due to increased stress levels. Your mask is causing your skin to break out too, let’s look at why and how to treat it.

How is acne from face masks caused?

Wearing masks can cause acne in various ways. This foreign object that now finds itself attached to your face more often than not, can transfer bacteria caught during walking around from your mask to your skin. Friction from the fabric, lack of oxygen to the skin, and a build-up of oil on the skin can cause additional bacteria to form on the skin resulting in acne and breakouts.

How to prevent and treat

Choose the right mask:
Make sure you are protected from the virus and that your skin is comfortable too. Make sure the mask doesn’t cause friction to keep your skin from getting irritated.

Keep your face, neck, and mask clean:

Wash your face with your facial cleanser of choice in the morning and at night. It wouldn’t hurt washing your face after a long trip out of the house with the mask on either. Many choose to use reusable masks. Washing these regularly also helps to keep bacteria build-up from making contact with the skin.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:

It is important to keep the skin under the mask hydrated as it is exposed to mask fabric as well as the outside elements. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep the skin looking happy and to keep your immune system strong!

Do you have any other tips to avoid acne due to face masks? If so, please share with us on our socials. Stay safe out there!

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