BIODERMA Atoderm SOS Spray

An anti-itching spray for immediate relief. Suitable for irritated, dry, very dry and skin prone to atopic eczema, sensitivity. For the whole family. May be used on newly born babies, except those born prematurely.

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  • 200ml
  • 50ML
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No matter the cause of the itch, Atoderm SOS Spray can soothe itching in no longer than 60 seconds, for up to 6 hours. It reduces the urge to scratch and provides instant relief and comfort, long-lasting hydration and intensive protection.


Atoderm SOS Spray benefits from a new scientific discovery: It targets 2 new biological causes of itching in skin prone to atopy or psoriasis. It also acts on other biological pathways responsible for frequent or temporary itching.

  • The new Skin Relief technology (containing Ambora and Green tea extracts) combined with the renowned soothing dermatological active ingredient Enoxolone blocks the biological process responsible for itching right from the start and directly targets each of involved pathways
  • The Skin Barrier Therapy™ patent protects even the driest skin from the bacteria that causes itching to intensify
  • Vitamin PP and Squalane supplement the formula in order to supply lipids required to strengthen the skin barrier
  • The patented natural D.A.F. (Dermatological Advanced Formula) complex raises the skin’s tolerance threshold
  • Results: The skin is immediately soothed and the urge to scratch is reduced for a lasting effect


  • Ultra-lightweight texture (oil in water emulsion) gives skin an immediate fresh sensation
  • Extra-fine microdroplets aid in an even distribution throughout the body and face
  • Ideal for those hard-to-reach spots with its ultra-fast 360º application
  • The pH value of the spray matches the skin’s physiological pH – between 5 and 5.5

It has been clinically tested and tested under dermatological control. This product is unscented, non-comedogenic, does not stain clothes and is tolerated excellently by skin and eyes.


  • This product in not a medicine
  • If no improvement in skin condition occurs, or if problems persist, consult a healthcare practitioner
  • It is to be used by itself, or along with medical treatment following medical advice


1. Spray from 20cm away onto clean skin, spread if necessary
2. Leave to dry
3. Apply as often as needed


200ml, 50ML