BIODERMA Sensibio DS+ Soothing Purifying Cleansing Gel 200ml

A soothing and purifying cleansing gel that acts on redness and scales from the cleansing stage. Face and body.


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Sensibio DS+ Foaming Gel gently cleanses and purifies, combats the proliferation of irritants and soothes irritated skin. Thanks to an innovation developed through BIODERMA’s expert research in skin biology, Sensibio DS+ Gel combats the source of redness and scales. It helps limit the proliferation of Malassezia yeasts, irritants that aggravate the condition of skin prone to redness and scales. Sensibio DS+ Gel purifies the skin and reduces the formation of scales. The D.A.F.* patented natural complex raises the skinÕs tolerance threshold. Soothes irritated skin. Its extra-mild soap-free cleansing base and physiological pH respect the skin balance. Fragrance-free formula, Soap-free, Hypoallergenic.


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