Mustela Baby Oil 100ml

Mustela Baby Oil has been specially formulated for use from birth on. This moisturizing and soothing massage oil is highly sensorial, making massage easier, while naturally providing a dry, non-sticky and non-slippery finish thanks to its unique texture. REPLACES BABY MASSAGE OIL


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Pleasant to use with its rich and fluid texture, Mustela Baby Oil makes it easier to massage your baby, enveloping them in a relaxing and soothing warmth. It melts perfectly into baby’s skin, leaving a layer of non-greasy, non-sticky softness. Its inimitable Mustela fragrance gently stimulates their senses, while the massage soothes them. With its practical spray dispenser, exactly the right amount of oil can be delivered every time.

It hydrates the skin, nourishing it and leaving it soft and supple thanks to an exclusive complex of dermo-protective plant oils that are rich in essential fatty acids.

Study conducted by a dermatologist, 2 paediatricians and 4 midwives on 42 babies over a period of 4 weeks (assessment carried out by examiners): 93% agree the product is easily absorbed 90% agree the skin isn’t sticky after use 98% agree the product leaves the baby’s skin well hydrated and soft.

This product is perfect for the type of massage endorsed by professionals: Physical therapists: 100% satisfaction rate Midwives: 88% satisfaction rate

TIPS OF USE: Spray a small quantity of oil into the palm of your hand, then warm it up before applying it to your baby’s body and massaging them. You can massage your child as often as you wish if they enjoy it.

This oil can be used from the day your baby is born (including newborns out of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). 0% parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, essential oils, mineral oils, silicons.

High tolerance, hypo-allergenic formula.* Dermatologically tested under paediatric control for optimum safety.

Available in a 100ml spray bottle.

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