Noreva Exfoliac BB Cream Golden 30ml

UNIFORM Exfoliac® BB cream is specially formulated to correct and hide imperfections, helps eliminate impurities, limit bacterial growth and regulate sebaceous secretion.

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Enriched with natural pigments and micro-sponges, it matifies the skin while absorbing excess sebum and provides the necessary daily hydration.

95% leaves the skin supple
96% smooth skin
86% comfort sensations
81% covers imperfections
91% leaves skin non-sticky

  • Pure Color HD Technology
  • Quick appeasement
  • Non-greasy fine texture
  • Mattifying micro-sponges
  • Long-lasting outfit
  • Non-comedogenic


Clean the entire face thoroughly with purifying micellar water using a soft cotton pad. Then apply BB cream evenly on the face and neck in the morning.