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Noreva Iklen+ CC Crème 40ml
Iklen+ CC Crème Anti-ageing and Anti-dark Spot Unifying Day Cream is the first product to correct signs of ageing + age spots, while smoothing and moisturising the skin. It is particularly recommended for skin with pigmentation issues.

Noreva Iklen Anti-Brown Spot Serum 30ml
Developed for fast, intensive alleviation of brown spots on the face, hands and chest, IKLEN® Anti-brown spot serum acts deep down and effectively slows the production of melanin, a pigment naturally present in the skin, and which causes brown spots when produced in excessive amounts, thanks to the active ingredients it contains.

Noreva Iklen Mélano Expert Anti-Brown Spot Concentrate 15ml
Specially designed to act at the source of the mechanisms responsible for skin pigmentation, IKLEN® Mélano-Expert Anti-Brown Spot Concentrate reduces brown spots. Thanks to the sustained diffusion of active ingredients, the highly-concentrated formula and its targeted action, the skin is once more radiant and glowing and the complexion is evened.


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